For I was hungry and you gave Me food I was thirsty and you gave Me drink I was a stranger and you took Me in Matthew 25:35


St. Mary's Outreach Service (SMOS) is a non-profit charity, primarily aimed at helping the marginalised, less fortunate, disadvantaged and needy in society. SMOS also supports those who are merely in need of food, clothing and friendship and are faced with conditions of poverty that result in them living at a level below that of the acceptable standard.


Our vision is a world where all people have access to the basic necessities of life, such as clean water, food and shelter, as well as opportunities to grow and develop as dignified members of healthy and happy communities.


Our logo represents our belief that we are all men and women equally created in the image of God. Although we come from different directions and different walks of life, our hands are equal, reaching out for each other, and together we are one, united in the Body of Christ, as symbolized by the cross.


SMOS is an initiative operating under the registered charity of St Mary & Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church in Perth, WA. The SMOS brand was created in 2014 to gather the current and ongoing outreach projects our church had been initiating and maintaining.


Central to all the services that SMOS provides; is the endorsement of Christian values through spreading the Gospel of Christ. SMOS strongly believes that through showing compassion, care and love towards those in need; this object will be successfully met and equitable community standards upheld.

SMOS volunteers are primarily members of the Coptic Orthodox Churches of Perth and a number of volunteers from the wider Australian community.

Western Australia

SMOS works on three levels to address issues of homelessness:

  1. Temporary relief – Through providing food, clothing and immediate needs such as a hot meal.

  2. Long term alleviation of homelessness – Through regularly speaking to individuals and developing friendships and rapport, in an attempt to help individuals back into mainstream society, through uncovering their particular individual needs at that point in their lives.

  3. Medium to Long Term goals of providing counselling, professional medical care, health care services, rehabilitation, housing and employment.

SMOS has a weekly service every Monday night where volunteers will transport food, beverages and clothing to the less fortunate in the Perth regional area.

SMOS understands that many families are struggling with day to day living and many children come from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. With this in mind, we are aware that many children go to school without breakfast and lunch and come poorly equipped with school supplies.

It is our goal that all children have the same opportunity to succeed and achieve by offering them the necessities of breakfast, fresh fruit and back to bright outcomes in students well-being, school attendance and in class participation, social development, improved school performance results, further tertiary education and confidence to integrate into the community and pursue their career aspirations.

SMOS stresses that we are all equals without partiality. The gap in living standards, mortality, morbidity and general quality of life between the average Australian and Indigenous Australian’s must be one and the same.

SMOS endeavours to provide community outreach service in marginalised areas, particularly in remote regional areas were access to health professionals can be received.

SMOS hopes to bring equality and improved standard of living and health to indigenous Australians.

SMOS is giving social attention to the elderly in nursing homes, to ensure that community support is offered back to those who served the community all their lives. That the elderly feel appreciated and valued for their contribution to society.

Many elderly widows may be grieving through the loss of their life long loved ones; we endeavour to support them through kindness and empathy.

SMOS is also involved in following up on the elderly, to help them continue their independence, through volunteer work for house hold chores, grocery shopping and calling in once a week to check up on them. By this the charity hopes the elderly can continue their lives with dignity and encouragement.

SMOS is engaged with Prisons to help provide counselling support to prisoners and social support for their families. It is the hope that prisoners are offered the best chance of rehabilitation into mainstream society, employment, whilst positive support and care is offered on hand to their families.

SMOS recognises Australia to be a vibrant multi-cultural migrant country, where refugees can start fresh beginnings with human dignity in a gifted land of opportunity.

We are appreciative that refugees may come to Australia fleeing from oppressive ideologies and often war torn countries that suppress the rights of men, women and children. SMOS aims to understand refugees from diverse backgrounds and help them communicate and integrate safely into Australian society. Thus SMOS strives to offer refugees the benefits of Australian community services at hand; teach the English language, offer assistance in gaining employment, enrich their lives with accessibility to education and facilitate rehabilitative counselling.


SMOS Australia deals and coordinates with other charities across Australia especially those who deal with poverty in Egypt and The Sudan to make sure that the effort is not duplicated and/or some areas are not covered by the much needed service. We collaborate deeply with Coptic Hope Australia in this area.

We also exchange support with charities within Australia in general and within WA in particular. SMOS AU, opens all doors for every opportunity to cooperate with all charities around Australia to utilise every effort for the benefit of the common clients.


SMOS Overseas has so far covered the Lord Brethren in Egypt and The Sudan and offers in addition to spiritual and psychological care, financial support and assistance in the following areas:

Establishment of small projects; Orphans; Clothing; Food Supplies; Nursing homes; Home Repairs; Education; Medication and Hospitalisation; Marriages; Transport services

Amongst the small projects that SMOS Overseas supports are poultry and cattle farms, agricultural projects, clay brick furnaces, sewing projects by provision of sewing machines, etc. The main purpose of such projects is to help the community to be financially independent by having suitable work that returns a decent income.



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